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LFJ2500 automatic vertical sealing glue production line

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Related introduction

1.1 system introduction

This system is a set of automatic two glass / three glass hollow glass double coating system. The system can be used for sealing glass with different sizes. The system is shown in the following figure:

The whole system is divided into three parts, namely, the top table, the table and the next table (also divided into the output of 1 and output of 2). Details are as follows:

A - foot switch

B - upper table conveyor motor

C - auxiliary transfer motor

D - auxiliary sucker

E - auxiliary tug

F - rubber head mechanism

G - rubber head lift motor

H - auxiliary conveyor belt

I - rubber conveyor belt

J - the next table conveyor belt

1.2 features

The U system has a thickness detection device and a depth detection device, which can automatically detect the thickness and the depth of the glass through the high resolution precision sensor, so as to better save the raw material. In addition, the automatic glue filling function and the automatic adjustment of the output can greatly improve the production efficiency.

U this system is equipped with clamping device, can be done in the process of transfer and glue glass more secure.

U the system has two sets of rubber supply system (optional), easy to replace the glue in the production process.

U this system can work on three layers of insulating glass. When working on the three layer of glass, the first cavity is firstly coated with glue, and when the first cavity is finished, the rubber head can automatically adjust the angle and then carry out the operation on the second cavity.

U V with adjusting mechanism, according to the different thickness of the glass to adjust the V band.

U rubber head clamping device, can adjust the head of the cylinder through the precise electric proportional valve to adjust the pressure of the cylinder, so that the glue head is more firmly attached to the glass.

U glue head to the body, according to the different thickness of the glass on the rubber head to adjust, so that no matter how the thickness of the glass, the glue mouth can always be in the middle of the cavity, so that the effect of better glue.

U the system also has a "connection" function, which is connected with the hollow line, so that the production line and glue system into a line to further improve production efficiency.

U cleaning function, when a long time or work is not used, must be on the supply line for cleaning (glue), the purpose is to prevent the glue line is cured. When the cleaning function is carried out, the mixture in the mixer pipeline is discharged, so that the pipeline can be better protected, and the solidification can be prevented.

U friendly man-machine interface, simple operation will be more convenient for users to operate.

U servo system adopts the world famous brand DELTA servo performance stability.

U all parts of high standardization, to ensure the long-term stability of the use of equipment.

The edge of the U glass is full of no gas line, the corner is full, and the surface of the four sides is smooth without any trimming.

1.3 technical indicators

U glass max size (mm):

Type 2200 (L) * 1800 (W) ()

Type 2500 (L) * 2000 (W) ()

Type 3000 (L) * 2200 (W) ()

Type 3000 (L) * 2500 (W) ()

U minimum glass size (mm):

600 (L) * 350 (W)

U insulating glass thickness (mm): 12-60

U coating depth (mm): 3-15

U aluminum frame width (mm): 6-24

U glue speed: 5-40m/min

U transfer speed: 0-50m/min

Hydraulic pressure: <100kg/cm - U

U total power supply:

1800mm * 2200mm 13KW

2000mm * 2500mm 13KW

2200mm * 3000mm 13KW

2500mm * 3000mm 15KW

U gas source (MPa): 0.5-0.7

U device size (mm):

1800mm * 2200mm 7590 (L) x 4000 (W) x 2700 (high)

2000mm * 2500mm 8340 (L) x 4000 (W) x 2900 (high)

2200mm * 3000mm 10200 (L) x 4000 (W) x 3100 (high)

2500mm * 3000mm 10340 (L) x 4000 (W) x 3400 (high)

All the words and pictures in the U data are for reference only.

U 2000 for the conventional type, other models can be customized according to the needs of professional.

1.4 use environmental requirements

U ambient temperature: 0-55 C

U ambient humidity: less than 90%RH (not condensation)

U altitude: 1000 meters below

Anti vibration: 4.9m/S - U

Impact strength: 19.6m/S – U