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ZK1800A-ZK1800B full automatic plate pressure hollow glass production line (conn

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Related introduction

1, the whole machine adopts four sections of frequency conversion, PLC control, touch screen operation, equipment with multi speed operation optimization function. Single daily output of more than 800. It can be used to produce three pieces of insulating glass with double aluminum strip

2, the production line of the transport part of the buffer is used to stop the function, to avoid the occurrence of collision between glass and glass positioning equipment. Reducing the abrasion of the glass to the conveying wheel.

3, the production line includes feeding conveyor, cleaning and drying machine, inspection and delivery and aluminum frame assembly machine, glass waiting machine, laminating machine, turn table.

4, cleaning and drying box and water tank surface using stainless steel wire drawing board, the appearance of clean and beautiful. The rubber roller can be adjusted automatically according to the thickness of the glass. Three pairs of brush with high pressure water sprayer, the three pairs of brush all use soft high temperature wire, cleaning room with organic glass water board cover, easy to remove the water board, easy maintenance. Cleaning section of the cabinet door can be opened at work, through the organic glass directly to see the transfer and cleaning of the glass.

5, cleaning water from the water pump from the water tank, through the spray nozzle water jet to the glass surface, after cleaning the glass with a brush, and then return to the water tank, recycling. The rinsing water tank is provided with a water heating device which can be heated and used at low temperature. After cleaning the sponge roller drainage and air knife drying method, if the water quality is poor, the user should be equipped with water treatment equipment, water treatment water into the washing tank, the use cycle in accordance with the above procedure. (water treatment equipment provided by the user)

6, check the conveyor and aluminum frame assembly machine adopts double speed transmission, the glass came from the washing machine when inspecting conveyor running at low speed, and the speed of cleaning and drying machine; when the glass edge through the photoelectric switch right check machine, check the conveyor speed, accelerate the glass transmission, double speed transmission is improved the production efficiency, but also avoid the inspection conveyor and washing machine joints due to wear speed inconsistency on the conveying wheel caused by the light inspection output part of the stop function, may at any time sampling inspection, timely detection of the glass is not clean, fully guarantee the qualification rate of products.

7, waiting for the machine can achieve the waiting function of glass, effectively improve the speed and efficiency of glass processing.

8, flat press adopts pneumatic (hydraulic) coupling control, suction device with a mobile tablet before, according to the different size distribution of glass sucker working area, the basic single assignment guarantee the effective pressure of sucker sucker, as far as possible to avoid the phenomenon of glass slide.

9, the flat pressure is driven by the hydraulic system, the movement of the use of four points and the synchronous motion of the rack and pinion synchronization, to ensure that the parallel pressure on the two plates. For the processing of different sizes of hollow glass with pressure regulating function, the pressure can also be adjusted according to the size of the glass size.

10, the surface of the equipment protection board with plastic spray treatment.

Main technical parameters

Power supply: 380V 50HZ

Power: 13.5KW 14.2KW

Max machining size: ZK1800A: 1800*2300 (mm) ZK1800B:1800*2500 (mm)

Minimum machining size: 540*280 (mm)

The maximum thickness of the hollow glass: less than or equal to 40 (mm)

Cleaning speed: 0 - 7m/min

Air pressure: 0.6 - 0.8Mpa

Dimensions: ZK18BZ-A 14600*2500*2950 (mm)

ZK18BZ-B 15500*2500*2950 (mm)