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ZK2500 full automatic plate pressing hollow glass production line (external)

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Main technical parameters

First, the machine uses six frequency conversion, PLC control, touch screen operation, multi speed operation optimization function. Single daily output of more than 1200. Automatic identification of coated glass and Low-E glass film layer tips.

Two cleaning section

1 transmission adopts upper transmission mode, double layer stainless steel bottom plate, the bottom floor does not exist any assembly hole, there will be no leakage phenomenon.

2 the wind knife by the wheel bracket and other parts of the water contact or close to the use of stainless steel materials (including standard parts of various support screw spring, etc.).

3 brush with imported 1010 brush wire, can clean LOW-E and coated glass, and will not have any scratches on the glass surface.

A glass detection switch is arranged in the 4 box body, and after the current piece of glass is stopped, a piece of glass is stopped at the position of the detection switch, so as to avoid the phenomenon of dust accumulation under the wind knife for a long time.

Three. External film

1 all the transmission by the wheel of all embedded bearings, to avoid the bearing by the wheel friction, small size of the glass transfer is blocked and dislocation phenomenon, but also increase its service life. The adoption of a new patent on the wheel is more stable, the new round will not appear on the film and glass collision phenomenon.

The 2 part of the whole use of linear guide + linear bearing guide (non ordinary bearing on the rough surface rolling), so that the transmission is more stable, smooth and durable.

3 the use of double auxiliary auxiliary plate, to avoid the large size of the glass, such as large angle tilt tilt

4 select the double layer after the function of the 05 board back distance can be easily adjusted, the maximum distance from the back of the 70mm can be produced with a total thickness of 40 or less in the three layer of glass, can produce a total thickness of less than 55 of the hollow layer of the following 05.

The 5 beam is moved by the imported motor with the brake coil, and the cross beam can be adjusted by adopting the adjustable buffer and the stop mode.

6 upper and lower beams are equipped with mechanical protection and protective magnetic switch to protect the beam, safe and reliable.

Siping section

The 1 movable plate by simplified four point synchronous flat pressing mechanism with linear guide, this mechanism can make the flat sections of movable plates are pressed together in four and disperse stress, so as to improve the service life of equipment and precision pressing (not a simplified version of the four point synchronous mechanism, gear diameter of 110mm length 650mm width 63mm thickness of rack 41mm by 40mm solid steel shaft drives the two axis synchronization, middle plate bearing and 10A chain drive four point synchronous)

2 the use of pressure time and limit travel mode to control the movement of the plate opening stroke, the pressure time after the adjustment error will be automatically activated, the limit opening distance 70mm repair open 400mm

3 the use of long delivery wheel to transfer the glass, improve the safety factor of glass transfer.

4 movable board can be the biggest open 400mm-450mm (by the pressure of the rear handle control) after the opening of the staff can easily enter the board pressure internal cleaning or maintenance work.

Five electrical part

1 important components using imported brands, non important components of domestic well-known brands, all components are detected through the company's monitoring stations, and to keep the supply of quality assurance and after-sales service guarantee.

2 important parts are equipped with a limited switch, protection switch (for example, 08 flip table limit limit, plate pressure opening limit, the upper beam, lower beam limit, etc.).

3 by Taiwan paiken motor maintenance free motor

4 the box is equipped with overload, phase sequence protection device, photoelectric 24V switching power supply protection power supply, the important components have transformer output drive. To ensure the safety of equipment under extreme conditions.

5 pneumatic components, solenoid valves, joints, such as the use of genuine gas pipes.

Six machine

1 each section of the equipment is provided with an independent transmission motor, and the whole machine has 10 motors.

2 six sets of frequency conversion speed of the equipment can be adjusted to improve production efficiency.

3 any size glass in the production of equipment automatic adjustment, no artificial. When a small piece of glass is replaced by a large glass, the crossbeam is automatically detected and lifted to avoid the phenomenon that the manual operation strikes the crossbeam.

4 aluminum frame placed in the 04 paragraph of the 05 paragraph optional. 04 placed aluminum frame can improve the production efficiency (because the beam detection photoelectric in the 04 position, in the process of placing aluminum frame will be automatically adjusted according to the size of the glass height. The 05 placed aluminum frame can make in the 3 layer two aluminum frame can be placed neatly, improve the appearance of the.

5 in order to improve the production efficiency of the machine is equipped with a check button, check the closure of the second pieces of glass will be automatically transferred to the 05 paragraph, after the inspection of the opening of the second pieces of glass through the foot switch to control whether or not to enter the 05 automatic.

6 the surface of equipment protection plate is treated by plastic spray.

Power supply: 380V 50HZ

Power: 27kW 25kW

The largest processing size: 2500*3300 (mm) can be customized length.

Minimum machining size: 540*280 (mm)

The maximum thickness of the hollow glass: less than or equal to 40 (mm)

Cleaning speed: 0 - 7m/min

Air pressure: 0.6 - 0.8Mpa

Dimensions: ZK2500BZ - 24500*3000*3500 (mm)