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Standard Practice for insulating glass production line

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Standard Practice for insulating glass production line First, the preparation work: 1, open the main power supply and gas, 2, the tank is filled with water, winter water heater; 3, open the transmission, inspection lights, fans, brushes, pumps. Two, opera

Standard Practice for insulating glass production line

First, the preparation work:

1, open the main power supply and gas,

2, the tank is filled with water, winter water heater;

3, open the transmission, inspection lights, fans, brushes, pumps.

Two, operation steps

1, the glass into the cleaning machine feeding section,

2, check the quality of glass cleaning in the discharge section;

3, glass into the fragment, to reach the end of the switch, the glass automatically stop at the positioning column;

4, aluminum frame positioning after the foot switch, aluminum frame positioning to be accurate

5, the plate after the pressure from the withdrawal of the glass placed in the plastic table

Three, at the end of each class, close the buttons on the console, and then turn off the total power supply.

Four, matters needing attention

1, the glass must be worn before cleaning, otherwise it will cause damage to some of the components.

2, the water tank and the water to soften the water tap to maintain the opening and adequate water.

3, according to the actual situation to adjust the temperature controller in the electric box to set the water temperature, usually between 15 degrees to 50 degrees, can also add neutral detergent, in order to achieve the best cleaning effect.

4, adjust stepless speed control button, according to the situation of the glass to adjust the transfer speed (usually 3m\\min)

5, cleaning glass thickness of 4~16mm,

6, all parts of the machine grounding good.

Five, maintenance and maintenance

To ensure the good operation of the machine, it is necessary to strengthen the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine, in the course of the operation if the abnormal situation should immediately stop inspection. Troubleshooting and restart.

1, transmission maintenance

The transfer roller bearings, bearings, bearings, brush roller transmission gear wheel, regular filling calcium base grease; micro cycloid reducer every six months home a calcium based lubricant; stepless governor every half a year for a lubricating oil, should always check the oil level and in operation, and keep the oil level above standard center axis line.

2, waterway maintenance

The water in the tank should be cleaned once a day, often check the water spray nozzle, if the blockage should be removed to clean up.

3, gas path maintenance

Filter the water regularly, the oil mist. The fan running regular check, if there is abnormal sound should immediately stop check; cleaning fan filter gate regularly, to cut down wind resistance, improve dry glass surface cleaning degree.

Guide for the operation of two - component glue machine

1 check air supply, piping and valves

1.1 check whether the supply pressure is in the range of 0.5-0.8mpa

1.2 pipeline connection is correct, the valve opening and closing is correct

2 boot

2.1 open the main gas source gas ball valve handle, the first material lifting mechanism operation, the cylinder speed can be adjusted to 0.3-0.6mpa. The handle of the manual reversing valve is lifted, and the handle is upward, and the mechanism of the handle is downwards

3 feeding and discharging

3.1 the lifting frame rises, the barrel into the pressure plate, the barrel alignment of adhesive disc, pressure plate, open the exhaust valve handle in the lower, when the material from the pressure plate, exhaust valve and exhaust port overflow bubble quickly close the valve (group B continuous operation process.)

4 check mixing ratio

4.1 check whether the proportion of A.B mixture is correct, according to the proportion of the glue machine adjustment method is consistent with the proportion of the use of glue

5 glue work

5.1 glue to uniform, smooth surface

5.2 after the end of the work to wash gun, must check the valve switch state, to be completely out of white wash

Operating rules for gluing machine

1 turn on the power switch

2 open the heating switch to start the conveyor belt

3 according to the specifications of the aluminum bar to adjust the width of the glue mouth, such as the temperature reached the standard after the glue, glue uniform

4 after the end of the glue off the heating switch, when the temperature dropped to 80 degrees before the closure of the transfer, the total power off

5 clean the surface of the glue and dust, keep the working surface clean

6 regular inspection and replacement of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil

Standard Practice for cutting glass

1 according to the requirements of the production plan, select the appropriate glass

2 use the crane to take the original piece of glass to the top of the table, required to wear gloves, wristbands, overalls, work shoes and other labor supplies

3 open the upper stage of the power source switch, check the air pressure

4 open the upper panel touch screen switch, select the right and left side of the button

5 in the process of careful observation of the first piece of glass is completely separated from the back of the glass

6 if there are problems at any time according to the emergency stop button, the problem can be removed before continuing

7 to check the size, the first batch size must be carefully checked to prevent errors

8 work to close the power supply, clean the workshop and work table, clean up the tools

9 manual scribing requires careful, precise size, pay attention to safety

10 when you use a hydraulic truck to transport the glass, you must hold the glass firmly before handling it

Insulating glass equipment basic maintenance knowledge

To make the use of insulating glass equipment ideal, glass cleaning thoroughly clean, the greatest extent to extend its service life, we must pay attention to its basic maintenance knowledge. In the use of equipment in the process of attention to the correct maintenance. How to maintain, experts say so.

The overall maintenance method of hollow glass equipment is not difficult, the key is to do the maintenance for equipment lubrication pulley, ensure the voltage stability when the prevention of motor burned, ensure that the equipment can run normally on it. In the event of a major failure of the equipment during the operation, it is necessary to hire a professional maintenance personnel to deal with. Non professionals do not disassemble or repair. In addition, the need to pay attention to is that when the failure occurs when the need for maintenance, we must first cut off the total power supply. Other matters that need to be addressed include the following:

First, the maintenance of the transmission roller. The key parts of roller hollow glass equipment must pay attention to regular lubrication, the operation of the equipment before the first checker lubrication oil level line, see the standard whether the normal level must remain above the center line of the slider can be.

Second, the maintenance of the water system equipment. The water tank in the equipment to ensure the normal cycle of water system, a thorough cleaning of the tank once a week, to conduct a routine inspection of the nozzle, once found to be blocked immediately clear. In addition to the maintenance of the wind, the operation of the equipment fan to maintain good stability.

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