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Ji'nan Huayuan NC (hollow glass curtain wall equipment) Company Limited under the domestic well-known brand group company, group company under the aluminum doors and windows equipment, hollow glass curtain wall equipment, garage, solar photovoltaic, real estate and other affiliated institutions. Professional development of insulating glass processing equipment complete set of curtain wall, processing production line, is a high-end brand of glass deep processing industry, Huayuan equipment has strong production capacity, hollow glass processing production line for domestic and foreign customers to provide a stable, high quality.

The company since its inception, the hollow glass curtain wall has a lot of research and development, has accumulated rich experience, has established a perfect sales service system, produced a lot of world-class insulating glass processing equipment. Our company can provide a complete production line of insulating glass, including various sizes (2.5 meters, 2.2 meters and 2 meters, 1.8 meters, 1.6 meters and so on) the hollow sealing glue line, assembly line, automatic glass cutting line, hollow glass shutter production equipment, butyl rubber coating machine, two-component glue machine, aluminum cutting machine, bending machine, aluminum frame conveyor, molecular sieve filling machine, milling machine, rotating table, the inert gas filling machine.

Huayuan work style: "professionalism, dedication, cooperation" -- for the love of this industry, Huayuan invested a lot of manpower and the research and development of scientific and practical production line, and with other avant-garde manufacturers of common development and popularization of advanced technology, to solve the social problems of energy saving.

Quality: "Huayuan - time inspection Huayuan machine quality stable and reliable performance.".

Huayuan Market Outlook: "high quality, high reputation" by high value-added services to customers.